The "Holilift" programme

"Holilift" is a customised support which helps your mind to immediately adjust to your new look after a facelift.

The "Holilift" concept

Dr Patrick Baraf has developed the "Holifit" procedure. He has been a plastic surgeon for forty years and has performed more than eight thousand lifts. A facelift makes the face look fifteen years younger on average and, when you see your new appearance, you may get a big shock. "Holilift" helps you to be immediately in line with your look.


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Before the operation

Inner reflection

With the help of a psychotherapist, you go back fifteen years back in time. You remember good and bad times. You eliminate the failures, you keep the successes you wish to reproduce and you identify your regrets, anything you were not able to do, but which you will now be able to achieve.

Explanations about the operation

Facelifts are carried out using a method akin to sewing a fabric in a straight line, which causes less bruising and oedema and allows for a faster recovery time. With this technique, you can be sure that the result will be very effective and natural, that is to say that you'll recognise yourself, the people around you will recognise you and you will have nothing to complain about.

Information on the anaesthetic

Anaesthesia has made such progress in recent years that the idea of a general anaesthetic should not cause you any stress. It's like a window which closes and then opens. You will fall asleep peacefully without being aware of anything.

Awakening and the first night

The feeling when you wake up

You have a large dressing around your head which wraps all your face up quite tightly. You're in your own little world. You hear background noise in a completely muffled way, like a baby in the womb.

You're connected to a scope and you can hear your heart beating. This sound means that everything is OK and you're back. And very soon, you hear the voice of the surgeon trying to make contact with you.

Relaxation and massages

Although the dressing is very comfortable, you may experience a bit of pain in the face. The nurse will give you medicine to alleviate it. You do the relaxation exercises with the yoga teacher to avoid becoming tense.

The physiotherapist massages you calves and feet to prevent any risk of phlebitis. They will also teach you to move your feet and legs and bend your knees. The nurse gives you anticoagulant injections and you wear stockings for varicose veins.

The following morning come out of your shell and you're reborn.

The first outing

After removing the dressing, you can see your face in the mirror. You have regained your appearance of fifteen years ago. After having their hair and makeup done by professionals, some patients can even go for a coffee on the terrace without being unduly noticed. The result is fast and natural with variations always being possible from one person to another.

"Holilift" prices

Intervention Anaesthetic Stay Prices including VAT*
Holilift General 1 night €9,000 to €15,000

Other fees Prices including VAT*
Consultation with the surgeon €50
Consultation with the anaesthetist €100
Compression stockings €50

* 20% VAT

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