Have you ever wondered how you would look after a cosmetic surgery procedure ?

Crisalix is a 3D simulation software which shows the results after a cosmetic surgery procedure. This tool helps the patient to express their request better and allows the surgeon to give clear and reasoned explanations. The patient then takes the decision to undergo surgery while being better informed.

How does 3D simulation work ?

Crisalix is a high-tech scanner resulting from five years of scientific research. Many procedures can already be taken care of with great realism.

3D simulation scanner

The surgeon scans the patient at 360 degrees. The software creates a 3D likeness picture in minutes which takes the physical characteristics of the person into account.

Help to consultation

The practitioner makes the changes required to create the result desired by the patient on the software. This is a real help in pre-operative consultations which illustrates the surgeon's oral explanations using images.

Patient Access

After the pre-operative consultation, the patient has a "patient access" allowing them to view the simulations or share them with friends or family at any time.

3D simulation for the face

The facial procedures which can be simulated in 3D are: rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, genioplasty, head and neck lifts and double chin lipoaspiration.


3D simulation for the chest

The chest procedures which can be simulated in 3D are: breast implant insertion, breast reduction, chest lifts and breast lipofilling with or without implants.

Simulation for breast enlargement


Simulation for breast reconstruction


3D simulation for the body

The body procedures which can be simulated in 3D are: liposuction and abdominoplasty.

3D simulation price

Service   Prices including VAT*
Crisalix 3D Sensor Scanner   Included in the price of the cosmetic surgery consultation

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