I was operated on 15 years ago, the pre and post operation support was outstanding. If I needed another procedure, this is the only clinic I would come to. None of my friends or family would have noticed my rhinoplasty if I hadn't mentioned it, it was a complete success.

Female - 45 years old


Dr Baraf performed my cervicofacial lift more than 10 years ago. A very good result and a lift that has kept well over time.

Female - 63 years old

Lip injection

The doctor was on time and very attentive, he quickly understood the end result I wanted and advised me very well.

Female - 29 years old

Liposuction / lipofilling

I received a very warm welcome! The operating room and staff were brilliant! Dr Baraf operated on me and he was very attentive.

Female - 40 years old

MiraDry - Perspiration

The welcome, clinic and doctor were all superb. Mr Bennaim, you've completely changed my life! I'm delighted with the results, thanks for everything!

Female - 35 years old


Dr Baraf operated on me more than 10 years ago and I'm still satisfied. I can't wait to visit him again. He has my full trust and knows how to make people feel confident, which is very important when you go to bed at night.

Female - 67 years old

Laser mole removal

I highly recommend Dr BENOLIEL whose mole removal technique is exceptionally quick and efficient, WITHOUT anaesthesia! What's more, he is very attentive and friendly, which makes you feel comfortable right from the start.

Male - 53 years old

Breast enlargement

Despite all my concerns about this kind of procedure, I must say that I don't regret having chosen your clinic. The medical team, anaesthetist and surgeon were all brilliant. Even the postoperative course was managed very well... I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Female - 40 years old

Abdominoplasty and breast implants

I was very satisfied with the clinic. A big well done to all of Dr Baraf's team. Compassionate and personalised patient monitoring, it feels like home and everyone is very caring. Well done to Dr Baraf for being so professional. Thank you.

Female - 66 years old


Very happy and satisfied with the result. I fully recommend Dr Diacakis, he's a great surgeon and I fully trust him, yet I'm usually scared to death before I go into surgery. The result of his work is equal to the level of his talent. He is gentleness personified.

Female - 63 years old


Thank you Dr Marc Abecassis, you've changed my life with your listening skills, comforting words and clear explanations. Especially since it is such a sensitive issue. Thank you. I was looked after brilliantly, both in the consultation and right up to my operation.

Female - 48 years old

Laser mole removal

I was very well looked after by Dr BENOLIEL, who removed 7 moles from my face in less than 15 minutes without any pain. Now, after 20 days, everything has healed and I'm just waiting for a bit of redness to fade. I wouldn't hesitate to return for others procedures.

Female - 53 years old

Upper blepharoplasty

I underwent blepharoplasty of the upper eyelids 15 days ago and I'm very happy with the result. The team is very nice, the surgeon is very professional and my stay at the clinic was very pleasant. I highly recommend the Clinique du rond point des Champs-Elysées.

Male - 30 years old

Breast enlargement

I chose the CRPCE for my breast enlargement and I must admit that I'm more than happy with my choice. A professional and pleasant team takes care of you and the surgeon's work is fabulous. Thank you to the whole team. I wouldn't hesitate to return for another procedure. It's a great place.

Female - 40 years old


I was brilliantly welcomed, listened to and informed. The doctor was clear with his advice and explanations and offered the most appropriate treatment for my needs. I didn't feel the injections and I came away without any bruising whatsoever. The result delighted me, I will definitely come back. Positive points: The secretaries and assistants are friendly, discreet and cheerful, the doctors are highly skilled, the premises are sophisticated and I can't fault the organisation (no waiting).

Female - 24 years old

Bags under the eyes

Before the procedure, I was embarrassed by the bags I had under my eyes and I looked tired and sad. Everyone now thinks that I'm between 30 and 35 years old, when I'm actually 41. Isn't that both surprising and proof of a total success? My only regret is not doing it sooner!

Female - 41 years old


I'm really glad I chose CRPCE for my cosmetic procedure, everything went really smoothly before, during and after my operation. And I've never felt better about myself since my liposuction. It's given me a real boost of self-confidence and positive energy.

Male - 26 years old

Breast reconstruction

I was apprehensive before the procedure: the care from the medical and para-medical teams and the care and support for the pain are noteworthy. I am satisfied.

Female - 48 years old


I want to thank Dr Stéphane KASSAB for the great natural result of my mini lift. It has been a success because people around me told have told me that I look 15 years younger! I had very pronounced sagging skin and I now look like I'm 40 again :)

Female - 50 years old


I'm delighted with the surgery. The results of the liposuction on my stomach, hips and inner thighs are better than I expected. I would recommend it.

Female - 41 years old


I had a V-lifting one month ago, as part of mild skin sagging caused by ageing. After a month, I found that the oval shape of my face was sharper and the appearance of my skin had improved. The improvement in tension was slight but still natural. I chose this treatment for its preventive action.

Female - 39 years old

Upper eyelids and double chin

Specific guidance, quality listening, the procedure was in line with what I'd asked for, quality care services, friendly staff.

Male - 55 years old

Breast surgery

Despite all the fear I had for a number of years, I'm glad I chose this place because the result is wonderful and everything went well.

Female - 33 years old


I've been operated on twice in this clinic (breast implants and rhinoplasty) and I'm very satisfied with results of the procedures. I was very well received and cared for during and after my visits to the clinic. I also discovered a very wide range of cosmetic medicine services (laser hair removal, facial peels, lapex laser, thermage, liposonix, etc.). Generally speaking, the quality of the services in this cosmetic centre exceeded all my expectations.

Female - 27 years old

Surgery for bags under the eyes

At the beginning I was a little afraid of both the results after the procedure and of the procedure itself, and thanks to the good advice of the whole team my fears were soon lifted.

Female - 42 years old

Laser mole removal

An excellent service from Dr Benoliel who recently removed several of my moles, including from my face: efficient, virtually painless and most importantly, no scarring!

Male - 33 years old


My experience with the clinic was very positive. The staff and nurses were very available on the day of the operation, during my visits to the clinic with the surgeon and for the laser hair removal.

Male - 34 years old

Gentle liposuction and surgery on all 4 eyelids

I chose this clinic because both surgeons I consulted inspired confidence in me and that's why I didn't hesitate.

Female - 44 years old

Gentle liposuction and lipofilling

A very competent nursing team which was always available despite the time. Well done

Female - 27 years old

Breast enlargement

For a first cosmetic surgery experience I'm totally satisfied in terms of the welcome, the consultation with the surgeon who gave me good advice and the service from the staff during my stay, especially in the operating room where the people really make you feel at home. I now intend to have abdominoplasty done, so I'll choose the Clinique du rond point des Champs-Elysées without hesitating.

Female - 36 years old

Cosmetic treatment

The skills of the teams... Knowing guide us without excess... or over consumption...

Female - 50 years old


I'd like to take the opportunity to tell you about my penis lengthening and thickening operation which was carried out in your facility by Dr Marc ABECASSIS. Discussing issues related to intimate surgery is always a delicate and difficult subject. I immediately felt confident with Dr Abecassis who is an experienced surgeon and shows the patient great respect. All of the Clinic's staff also showed a lot of professionalism and were very considerate to me. The operation went well and was relatively painless.

Male - 35 years old

Laser mole removal

I highly recommend this clinic. From the welcome to the procedure, everything was perfect and fast. The staff were very pleasant and attentive. I felt no pain and in 10 minutes it was all over.

Female - 30 years old

Hyaluronic acid injection

Well received, still satisfied with the results and no nasty surprises. As I've already said, I would recommend my cosmetic doctor to people who are sometimes afraid to take the plunge. Despite the attractive offers on some websites, I prefer to come back to you because I'm sure about the services and results.

Female - 39 years old

Hair implants

I admit that I was initially very reluctant to have scalp surgery. But the equipment was new and had the right technology, so I went in on the morning and came out the same evening with no ill effects. There were a few small scabs from the needle punctures, which is normal, but there was no pain before that.

Male - 60 years old



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