Dental veneers

Dental veneers are very thin films that are put on the front of the teeth. They help to restore a harmonious smile by changing the colour, shape and alignment of the teeth.


Installing dental veneers can improve the aesthetic appearance of the teeth or restore a damaged tooth.

  • Improving the shape of teeth which are too short, too small or too flat.
  • Changing the alignment of the teeth when the defects are moderate and the patient does not wish to use orthodontics.
  • Reducing a space between two spaced teeth (a gap in the front teeth).
  • Strengthening a fragile tooth in case of wear to the thickness of the enamel.
  • Correcting the appearance of an existing dental prosthesis without removing it.

For a perfect smile, the dentist will place an average of eight to ten veneers for the upper teeth.


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How the session works

The dentist uses dental veneers made from porcelain. Their colour and shape are determined in such a way that the final smile is as harmonious as possible.

During the first session, the dentist makes an impression of the teeth which will be used as the basis for making customised veneers. Each veneer is then sculpted in accordance with shape of the teeth, to ensure perfect compatibility when it is installed.

During the second session, the dentist will place the veneers on the tooth enamel.

In most cases, except in cases of badly damaged teeth, the teeth are kept alive in order to maintain a natural gum without retraction and thus give the restored tooth a very long lifespan.


After grinding the teeth, a simple painkiller eliminates any slight pain. After fitting the dental veneers, there is no specific pain or sensitivity.


The result is very natural and the dental veneers do not differ from the original teeth.

They are very strong and last for at least ten years. They strengthen the fragile teeth and ensure optimal patient comfort when chewing.

They are resistant to food (coffee, tea, wine, etc.) and tobacco stains, thus guaranteeing a permanently white smile. They also help hide stains on which the Zoom lamp tooth whitening technique has no effect.

The patient must have good oral hygiene to prevent the teeth below the veneer from being exposed to decay.

Dental veneer prices

Service Prices Including VAT*
Dental veneers €800 to €1,200
Consultation €60

* 20% VAT

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