Fraxel laser

The Fraxel is a laser that smoothes the skin to give it a sharper, refreshed and rejuvenated appearance. With the unique Dual Restore system, the Fraxel laser effectively targets both the surface layers and deep layers of the skin without anaesthetic and without any social eviction.


The Fraxel laser can act on a large number of cosmetic skin defects :

  • Slight to moderate wrinkles on the face.
  • Acne scars and surgical scars.
  • Dark spots that appear after a pregnancy (melasma), with age (lentigines) or in case of frequent exposure to sunlight.
  • Mild skin sagging.
  • Stretch marks.
  • Skin problems such as enlarged pores or oily skin.

The Fraxel laser treats the face, neck, neckline, arms, legs and back. It is suitable for all skin phototypes (from fair to dark).


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How the session works

The Fraxel laser targets damaged skin with microscopic laser columns that penetrate deep into the dermis. These tiny points of light are used to treat a specific place on the skin and leave the surrounding areas intact, thereby promoting rapid healing.

The Dual Fraxel laser has two modes of treatment :

  • The Thulium fibre laser (1927 nm) penetrates the surface layers of the skin and targets the complexion, texture and age spots.
  • The Erbium fibre laser (1550 nm) reaches the deeper layers of the skin and treats wrinkles and scars.

A single button selects the desired wavelength: Thulium or Erbium. During a session, the doctor may use each wavelength separately or combine them depending on the indications to be treated.

Full treatment includes an average of three to five sessions three weeks apart.


The Fraxel laser follow-up is mild. Its extent and duration depends on the intensity of the treatment (superficial or deep) and the healing capacity which is specific to each person's skin.

The Fraxel causes redness or mild oedema which decrease the day after the session. The skin tans naturally over the next two weeks. The "sunburn-tan" pattern is subsequently repeated after each treatment. Like with sunburn, the skin flakes off and exfoliates normally to reveal a smoother appearance, in terms of both its look and feel. There are no scabs.

Just after the session, women can apply makeup or other beauty products to the treated area and men can shave normally.

During the healing, it is advisable to apply a total sunblock sunscreen and to avoid direct sunlight for at least three months after the last session.


The Fraxel Dual Restore laser stimulates the natural healing process which replaces damaged skin with skin that is fresh, radiant and in perfect health.

From the first session, the skin is smooth and soft to the touch. It also has a brighter appearance and a more uniform complexion. After three to six months, the results improve because the skin continues to produce new collagen.

Wrinkle reduction in the corner of the eyes

Wrinkle reduction in the corner of the eyes

Smoothing wrinkled skin

Smoothing wrinkled skin

Removing pigmented lesions

Removing pigmented lesions

More aesthetically pleasing scars

More aesthetically pleasing scars

A Fraxel treatment of 3 to 5 sessions gives efficient and complete results after 6 months and for a period of 4 years. However, the results obtained are sustainable over time. Preserving them depends on lifestyle, age and the care given to the skin.

Fraxel prices

Choose the formula that best fits your needs and take advantage of a 15% discount (4 session package) or 20% discount (5 session package).

Indications Prices including VAT
Wrinkle reduction 1 session 4 session package 5 session package
  • Crow's feet wrinkles
  • Wrinkles all over the face
  • €250
  • €650
  • €850
  • €2,210
  • €1,000
  • €2,600
Treating age spots 1 session 4 session package 5 session package
  • Age spots on the face
  • Age spots on the neckline
  • Age spots on the hands
  • €650
  • €650
  • €400
  • €2,210
  • €2,210
  • €1,360
  • €2,600
  • €2,600
  • €1,600
Scar reduction 1 session 4 session package 5 session package
  • Accidental or postoperative scars
  • Acne scars all over the face
  • Acne scars on the back
  • €250 to €450
  • €650
  • €700
  • €850 to €1,530
  • €2,210
  • €2,380
  • €1,000 to €1,800
  • €2,600
  • €2,800
Stretch mark treatment 1 session 4 session package 5 session package
  • Smooth out raised stretch marks
  • €450 to €650
  • €1,530 to €2,210
  • €1,800 to €2,600

Consultation Prices including VAT*
Consultation with the doctor €50

* 20% VAT

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