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The "cosmetic surgery" unit

In terms of cosmetic surgery procedures, 85% of them are performed on the body and 15% on the face. They represent an average of over 400 procedures in the Clinic each month. Today, the trend is moving towards light operations which are carried out under local anaesthetic do not require hospitalisation and give natural results.

Our cosmetic surgery clinic in Paris

Located near the Champs-Elysées, our Clinic is the first cosmetic structure in Paris with a team of 60 cosmetic surgeons. It takes care of patients coming from France and around the world.


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The operating room

The Clinic has 2 operating theatres with 8 rooms and a recovery room.

Operating room

Two types of rooms are available depending on the patient's length of stay.

The outpatient rooms when the procedure is carried out without hospitalisation. They feature wardrobes, a TV with remote control and a telephone.

The hospitalisation rooms, which are a bit more comfortable than the outpatient rooms. They contain a bed, toilet, sink and shower, wardrobes, TVs with remote control and telephones and are spacious enough to comfortably accommodate a bed for a carer.

Hospitalisation room

Price of cosmetic surgery

The price for a procedure varies according to several criteria: the technique used, the extent of the procedure, the type of anaesthetic (local or general) and the stay (inpatient or outpatient).

The patient receives a detailed quote following the consultation. It describes the service that is to be provided, mentions the practitioner's name and Medical Association identification number, details the amount of the service, including the fees of the surgeon and anaesthetist and the clinical costs.

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Cosmetic breast surgery

The breasts, the par excellence symbols of a woman's maternal and erotic image, have always held an unchallenged reign over the canons of beauty. In all instances, patients want a natural result in order to be able to feel good about their bodies, in keeping with their age and morphology.

Breast implants

The insertion of breast implants changes the size and shape of breasts which are thought to be too small or nonexistent. For all women who have a complex about their chest, breast enlargement through implants is a lifetime and risk free solution to shape their chest according to their wishes.

Breast reduction

Breast reduction decreases excessive volume of the breasts and corrects loosening when the weight of the breast causes sagging. The woman is no longer bothered by the size of her chest, both physically and psychologically. She feels better about her body.

Breast lift surgery

Breast lift helps to firm up the breasts. With time, pregnancies and weight changes, the breasts may gradually sag. Surgery is the only solution to bridge the neckline gap and regain high and firm breasts.

Weight loss cosmetic surgery

The invention of liposuction in the 80's was a real revolution in weight loss techniques. Today it is one of the most commonly performed procedures, and is the only one that gives a permanent result, because the fatty cells which are sucked up are not able to multiply again. Practitioners have improved the technique over the years, so much so that there are now 3 different methods depending on the indications and patient expectations.


Liposuction sucks up fat with fine cannulas, helps to treat large fat surpluses and refines the figure at specific locations as the patient wishes. It is also preferable to have thick, toned and elastic skin that tightens naturally after the operation.

Gentle liposuction

Gentle liposuction follows the non-invasive or minimally-invasive trend, which involves offering more gentle procedures. It painlessly removes small amounts of excess fat and cellulite. The technique of sucking out the fat with a syringe guarantees very little bruising or swelling, with an exceptional skin quality.

Body Jet

Body Jet first loosens the fatty cells with a pressurised water jet before sucking them up. If the patient wants to have lipofilling, the LipoCollector combined with Body Jet facilitates the extraction of high quality fat and encourages faster processing of large amounts of fat.

Gastric balloon

A gastric balloon is a flexible silicone envelope allowing patients who have a BMI of 27 or more to lose weight permanently and to help them make the changes to their diet and lifestyle which will help them to not regain weight when the balloon is removed.

Facial cosmetic surgery

The face is treated as a whole so as to give a harmonious and natural result. Indeed, a successful procedure is one that cannot be detected. A result is obviously required, but one which is as unobtrusive as possible. In addition to his technical skills, the plastic surgeon must have true artistic talent since the changes made to the face are not concealed.


Rhinoplasty involves repairing nose imperfections which are considered to be unacceptable, so much so that they can create a complex and lead to unhappiness. Beyond the physical changes, transforming the nose causes a change to the self-image.


Genioplasty is a procedure which can improve the shape of an unsightly chin by restoring the front and side facial balance. Chin surgery can be performed alone or combined, if necessary, with other additional facial procedures, particularly rhinoplasty.


Blepharoplasty helps to correct heavy and droopy eyelids and treats bags under the eyes and dark circles if necessary. Your face regains a rested and rejuvenated look. The aim is to preserve the look and above all, not change it.

Facelift surgery

A face lift provides several techniques for improving the imperfections caused by ageing of the face and neck, either in a localised manner, or more extensively. The current technical developments are heading towards an ever faster return to normal life. This is the advent of the mini facelift!


Otoplasty corrects protruding ears and other deformities which may be associated with them. Ear surgery, which can be carried out with a perfectly natural effect at any age, aims to reattach the ears permanently, symmetrically and naturally.

Body cosmetic surgery

Reshaping the figure is in high demand among people who have experienced significant weight loss or who want to fight against the effects of ageing from the age of about fifty. The results are often very good but, depending on the operation, there is often significant scarring.


Abdominoplasty is used to remove the excess skin that falls as an unsightly crease, sometimes across the pubis, up to the thighs.

Arm lift surgery

Arm lift surgery consists of retightening the skin of the inner arms. It allows for good correction of skin sagging, but the site and length of the scars will depend on the importance of the skin distension.

Thigh lift surgery

Thigh lift surgery removes excess skin from the upper part of the inside of the thighs. The plastic surgery provides good correction of skin sagging and the scar is usually unobtrusive.

Fat injection

Lipofilling involves injecting fat taken directly from the patient to reshape certain areas like the face, chest or buttocks. This technique is particularly well suited to people who do not wish to use a foreign body, such as implants or injectables.

Pectoral implants

Pectoral implants give the male thorax a stronger appearance. As men who have underdeveloped torsos well know, bodybuilding exercises alone are not enough! Installing pectoral implants is thus the most effective solution for making the torso more athletic.

Prosthetic buttocks

Buttock implants give roundness to flat buttocks and sculpt the curve of the hollow under the hip. The current technique gives very natural results with less painful consequences. The implants can be worn for life. There is also the possibility of inserting pectoral implants or calf implants.

Prosthetic calves

Calf implants make it possible to increase the size of calf muscles which are too thin. The calf muscles are very difficult to develop, even through intensive exercise. Therefore, installing prosthetic calves is the most effective solution for increasing the curve of the legs in a sustainable way.

Intimate cosmetic surgery

This is a recent discipline that has been particularly developed over the past 15 years. Regardless of the purpose of the operation, the aim is not to transform but to harmonise, so that the person feels better about their body.


Phalloplasty is a procedure which enables the size of the penis to be increased. Most patients who want to thicken or lengthen their penis have small penises which are nevertheless of a normal size. However, the embarrassment caused is sometimes so great that it can develop into a complex, or even into a real inhibition.

Three procedures to restore your femininity

Nymphoplasty corrects cosmetic defects of the vaginal lips. The demand from women focuses mainly on reducing hypertrophy of the labia minora.

Vaginoplasty consists of strengthening the perineum in order to reduce the diameter of the vaginal opening.

Hymenoplasty is a procedure which enables the hymen to be rebuilt without any visible signs.

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