Body Jet

The Body Jet loosens the fatty cells with a high pressure water jet before sucking them up. Its strong point? The LipoCollector combined with the Body Jet facilitates the extraction of high quality fat for future reinjection.


The Body Jet removes localised fat from the body, it does not treat the face. Its painless suction technique is ideal for large fatty deposits, although it can also be used for smaller amounts.

This method is particularly suitable for people who wish to reshape and give volume to the buttocks or chest, and therefore requires large amounts of fat to be injected because the operating time is greatly reduced; approximately 1 hour 30 mins instead of 5 to 6 hours for one litre of fat.


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How the procedure works

The operation is carried out under local or general anaesthetic. Depending on the amount of fat extracted, the patient can either leave on the same day or sleep in the clinic overnight.

The surgeon may decide to use the Body Jet alone or in combination with the LipoCollector.

Body Jet

A cannula sprays a pressurised jet which detaches the fatty cells and sucks them up at the same time. The adjustable power of the water jet preserves the integrity of the fatty cells and that of the surrounding tissue. The operation is virtually painless for the patient and faster than conventional liposuction since the surgeon avoids the product infiltration phase to liquefy the fat, which usually lasts quite some time.

The doctor sends mild impulses of fluid to the body area to be treated, making it possible to dislodge and remove the fat using a small tube inserted through the skin. The fat is then separated from the tissue by spraying the jet efficiently and with very little trauma. The Body Jet sucks up all the liquid that is used to loosen the fat at the same time. This is why the recovery is faster. Finally, the device removes any liquid that may remain between the cells to obtain the final result.


If the patient wishes to have lipofilling, a screen basket and different filters process the fat cells which have been sucked up without centrifugation to return a pure fat, which can be injected immediately, and perform a very natural fat autograft on the face, chest or buttocks.

After the procedure

There is little or no bruising and no swelling. The patient wears compression pants for one to two weeks. The patient can return to work on the following day if they work in an office and after one week if they do more physical work. The patient can play sports again after two to three weeks.


A near final result is visible on the following day. The treated areas do not need to deflate as the water used by the device is immediately sucked up by the cannula. We then have to wait for the skin to retract over the new volumes during the following month to see the final result.

Body Jet prices

Intervention Prices including VAT* Anaesthetic Stay
1 area €3,000 Local/General Outpatient/1 night
2 areas €3,800 Local/General Outpatient/1 night
3 areas €4,500 Local/General Outpatient/1 night
4 areas €5,000 Local/General Outpatient/1 night
Associated lipofilling €1,500 extra Local/General Outpatient/1 night

Other fees Prices including VAT*
Consultation with the surgeon €50
Consultation with the anaesthetist €100
Compression pants €150

* 20% VAT


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