Breast enlargement

Thanks to the breast enlargement technique, women who are not satisfied with the size or shape of their breasts can get a shapelier and more voluminous chest. However, this breast surgery is not capable of correcting drooping breasts. In this case, a breast enhancement is often carried out at the same time.

Different breast enlargement techniques

There are two methods to increase the volume of the breasts.

Breast enlargement by inserting implants

The insertion of breast implants changes the size and shape of breasts which are thought to be too small or non-existent.

Women have different models of breast implants. These are primarily distinguished by their content, shape and envelope. The most commonly used today are silicone gel implants with a textured silicone rubber or polyurethane foam surface.

Breast enlargement by fat injection

Breast lipofilling involves injecting fat taken directly from the patient. This breast enlargement technique assumes that the woman has sufficient fat reserves to get a noticeable result. (the equivalent of a saddlebag).

As a precaution, only women under 35 years old who have no history of cancer in their families can inject fat to enhance their breasts.

Women want a natural result

A surgeon explains how to select the right implants in order to achieve a breast enlargement with natural results.

How much demand is there for breast enlargement from women worldwide ?

French women tend to have a specific desire for natural breast enlargement. Nine patients out of ten primarily want something natural which cannot be seen and do not want to have implants. In Anglo-Saxon countries (England) and Scandinavia (Sweden), the demand is similar to in America, with the desire of women to have attractive implants rather than nice breasts.

As one moves to the south of Europe (Spain, Italy), the more we are left with model designs that are closer to Brazil, with more opulent shapes and larger volumes of implants placed.

Eastern Europe is a particular case, with some women who are close to the American model and want exaggerated volumes, and other women who are close to the French model and want very natural breasts.

Why do so many women who have a breast enlargement have an exaggerated appearance ?

There may be an exaggerated appearance for two reasons:

1st reason : The implant is badly positioned in relation to the breast. The surgeon must, depending on the elastic properties of the tissue, possible loosening of the skin due to pregnancy or weight loss and the natural dimensions of the chest, be able to anticipate the final shape of the breasts based on the implant that he is going to place.

2nd reason : The mismatch between the volume of the implant and the volume of the breast. A very thin woman who is 1.60 m tall cannot have the same C cup as a woman who is 1.80 m tall and has broad shoulders. In both cases, the woman can get a natural C cup, but certainly not with the same implants. The surgeon must consider the patient's original anatomy in order to choose the right volume and shape for the implants.


Breast enlargement prices

Intervention Anaesthetic Stay Prices Including VAT*
Insertion of breast implants made from silicone gel General 1 night €5,000 to €5,500
Insertion of breast implants made from polyurethane foam General 1 night €5,500 to €6,000
Change of breast implants General 1 night €5,000
Removal of breast implants Local/General Outpatient €3,500

Other fees Prices Including VAT*
Consultation with the surgeon €50
Consultation with the anaesthetist €100
Compression stockings €50
Compression bra €100

* 20% VAT



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