Breast implants

Breast implants change the size, shape and curve of the breasts when they are too small or completely nonexistent. Thanks to this breast surgery procedure, the chest regains all its roundness.


Several scenarios are possible for women who wish to use breast implants :

  • The woman has small breasts and would like a breast size more suited to her wishes.
  • One breast is smaller than the other and the woman wants to restore the balance of her chest.
  • The breasts have been emptied following weight loss or pregnancy and the woman wants to regain her initial bust measurement.
  • The gland is poorly developed, or not developed at all, and the chest is flat.
  • With age, the gland decreases in volume and the skin loosens. In the latter case, breast implants are usually combined with a breast lift.


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How the procedure works

The operation is carried out under general anaesthetic. It lasts about one hour and the patient spends one night in the clinic.

The access channel for introducing the breast implants

The access channel for introducing the breast implants

The surgeon makes a small incision of three to four centimetres through which he inserts the breast implants into the chest.

Depending on the case, he may make an incision :

  • At the crease under the breast.
  • Through or around the nipple.
  • In the armpit.

The thin scar will be completely invisible after one year.

Installing the breast implants

The surgeon creates a space by detachment in order to position the breast implants. He chooses the technique that has the most advantages and least drawbacks for each patient.

Subglandular position : Insertion under the gland in front of the pectoralis major muscle. This position is recommended for women who have a lot of mammary gland or who are very muscular.

  • The pain is less severe after the procedure.
  • No visible deformation of the breasts in case of muscular contraction.
  • The upper part of the breasts is rounded, which gives a beautiful neckline.

Sub-muscular position : Insertion behind the pectoralis major muscle. This position is recommended for thin women who do not have much mammary gland.

  • The outlines of the implant are less visible and less noticeable to the touch.
  • The weight does not result in the breasts gradually falling, because the implant is supported by fibrous and muscular tissue.

Dual Plan position : Insertion in two different anatomical planes. The upper half of the implant behind the pectoralis major muscle and the lower half under the mammary gland. This position is suitable for all women regardless of their morphology.

  • Camouflages the outlines of the implant in thin women.
  • No displacement of the implant in case of muscular contraction in sporty women.
  • The implant is less detectable to the touch because it is protected by the muscle above and by the gland below.

At the end of the procedure, the surgeon places a modeling bandage chest with two small tubes coming out from the sides (the suction drains) which drain the blood. These drains are removed the day after the operation. The patient must then wear a compression bra day and night for one month.

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After the procedure

The patient feels rather strong pain for the first few days. This mitigated through strong painkillers prescribed by the surgeon. The oedema decreases gradually after two to three weeks.

One week of rest is advisable. The patient should avoid lifting their arms or carrying heavy loads for the first ten days. It is also wise to not drive for two weeks.

Once the sutures have been removed, it is recommended to gently massage the scar and chest with a cream or lotion to prevent drying of the skin.

The patient can return to work after about ten days. The patient should avoid taking a shower or bath for the first seven days. The patient can play sports again one to two months after the procedure.


It is immediately visible. The very next day, the patient can admire her new chest and see that her breasts have more volume.

The final result comes after three months, which is the time it takes for the oedema to disappear. Directly after the procedure, the breasts are hard and they have a natural tendency to be positioned quite high up. As they get softer, they will gradually come down and take their final shape. The sensitivity of the nipples is not altered. The woman can breastfeed, take a plane, sleep on her stomach or play sports.

The lifespan of a breast implant made from silicone gel is twenty years on average. Only wear and tear or a complication will require them to be changed.

Breast implant prices

Intervention Anaesthetic Stay Prices Including VAT*
Insertion of breast implants made from silicone gel General 1 night €5,000 to €5,500
Insertion of breast implants made from polyurethane foam General 1 night €5,500 to €6,000
Change of breast implants General 1 night €5,000
Removal of breast implants Local/General Outpatient €3,500

Other fees Prices Including VAT*
Consultation with the surgeon €50
Consultation with the anaesthetist €100
Compression stockings €50
Compression bra €100

* 20% VAT

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