Breast reduction

Breast reduction reduces the exaggerated size of the breasts and corrects sagging skin when the weight of the breasts has resulted in drooping. This operation is performed for aesthetic reasons, but also to eliminate the physical pain caused by the size of the breasts.


When a woman suffers because of excessive heaviness of her breasts, it is known as breast hypertrophy. This has its origin in the abnormal development of the mammary gland. It may appear at the end of puberty or occur after pregnancy or significant weight gain.


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The weight of the breasts gradually causes them to sag. There is often also breast ptosis associated with the hypertrophy.

A breast reduction may be considered at the end of puberty. After that, there is no age limit as long as the patient is in good health.

What will I look like after breast reduction ? Ask your surgeon for a 3D simulation

How the procedure works

The procedure is done under a general anaesthetic and lasts between two and three hours. The patient stays in the clinic for one to two nights.

The breast reduction operation

The surgeon will proceed in stages following the lines that he has previously drawn :

  • He removes the excess glandular tissue and then he reassembles the breast gland.
  • He performs a lift procedure on the skin envelope to ensure that the new breasts have a good hold and a nice curve. In case of sagging skin, he performs a breast reconstruction. He also corrects any asymmetry of the breasts by reshaping two breasts of the same size.
  • He reduces the areola if necessary and then repositions it, as well as the nipple, which he points upwards.

Throughout the process, the practitioner retains as much vascularisation of the mammary gland and breast sensitivity as possible.

The margins of the cut skin are then sutured with absorbable sutures. At the end of the procedure, drains are in place to prevent the occurrence of a hematoma. The surgeon then inserts a modeling bandage with elastic bands in the shape of a bra.

This first bandage is removed after 24 hours and replaced with an adapted bra that the patient must wear day and night for 1 month.

Scarring after breast reduction

The number of scars will be proportional to the importance of the hypertrophy to be corrected.

  • Two incisions are required: a round one around the areola, and a second vertical one from the areola to the fold beneath the breast.
  • One optional horizontal incision in the crease beneath the breast.


Breast reduction : 2 scars

When the degree of hypertrophy is moderate and the breast skin is sufficiently firm and elastic.

Breast reduction : 3 scars

When the degree of hypertrophy is significant and the breasts also have a drooping appearance.

The periareolar scar is completely hidden thanks to the naturally pinkish pigmentation of the area.

The vertical and horizontal scars will never completely disappear. They are very red after the procedure, begin to fade after six months and will become slightly pink. It is advisable to massage the scars with a moisturising cream for two weeks after the intervention, and above all, not to expose them to the sun. Their appearance will become final after one year. At that time, they will become thin and white.

If the appearance of the scar is not satisfactory from an aesthetic point of view, or if a keloid has appeared, the doctor will suggest a CO2 laser treatment.

After the procedure

They are generally not very painful and require only simple painkillers. The bruises disappear after a few days while the breast oedema will continue for one to two weeks.

The patient may take a shower the day after the breast reduction. She will notice discomfort when she lifts her arms for the first few days and must avoid carrying heavy loads for three weeks.

A work stoppage of two to three weeks is recommended depending on the professional activity. The patient is allowed to gradually start playing sports again after one to two months.


The curve of the new breast is already visible the day after the breast reduction procedure. The breasts are reduced, perfectly symmetrical and positioned higher.

After three months, once the oedema has been absorbed, the breasts become less rounded and the breast tissue softens. It is in the sixth month that the shape and volume of the breasts become final. Meanwhile, the scarring process will be completely finished after one year.

The result is permanent. But be careful about significant weight loss after the procedure, which can make the breasts sag.

The woman feels good about herself, comfortable in her body and lighter and more free in her movements. She can dress as she wishes, can play any sport and regains total comfort in the back, shoulders and neck. She regains self-confidence in her private life and avoids the inappropriate looks and comments that her breasts used to attract.

The women is allowed to become pregnant six months after the reduction plasty, although it is advisable to carry out this procedure when the woman does not want to have any more children. The ability to breastfeed is not guaranteed because the milk ducts may have been severed during the procedure.

Breast reduction prices

Intervention Anaesthetic Stay Prices including VAT*
Breast reduction General 1 night €5000 to €6000

Other fees Prices including VAT*
Consultation with the surgeon €50
Consultation with the anaesthetist €100
Compression stockings €50
Compression bra €100

* 20% VAT

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