Gentle liposuction

Gentle liposuction has all the advantages of traditional liposuction without the drawbacks. It follows the current trend of offering light surgical acts under local anaesthetic without any pain and trauma.


Gentle liposuction is the ideal solution for people who have a moderate amounts of excess fat on one, two or a maximum of three localised areas. Indeed, above a certain amount of fat, the procedure would not be comfortable for the patient and it is advisable to carry out a procedure under general anaesthetic.


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This technique is also suitable for rubbing out the cellulite which is responsible for the dimpled appearance of the skin.

People who wish to slim down without surgery and without an anaesthetic can have Coolsculpting, the only patented cryolipolysis method that permanently removes stubborn fat.


What will I look like after gentle liposuction ? Ask your surgeon for a 3D simulation

How the procedure works

Gentle liposuction is performed under local anaesthetic and without hospitalisation in a sterile medical unit ensuring maximum safety and hygiene. Its duration is typically three times longer than that of a conventional procedure.

A relatively painless method

The local anaesthetic sets in within minutes thanks to a technique known as the "step by step" technique. The patient remains awake throughout the procedure and sees the amount of fat removed "live". Those who so wish can inhale Entonox gas, which provides complete relaxation and makes stress totally disappear.

Sucking out fat with a syringe

The surgeon makes very fine incisions through which he inserts a very thin cannula connected to a syringe. All of the excess fat is gradually removed.

The vacuum in the syringe is approximately 100 times less strong than a traditional vacuum. The skin does not suffer, there are no traces and no uneven wavy, corrugated sheet or asymmetrical appearance. On the contrary, following the shrinkage effect, the skin remains smooth and regains improved firmness.

The areas treated are the same as in traditional liposuction, but with a preference for delicate areas such as the ankles, arms, inner thighs, chin or very small saddlebags.

At the end of the procedure, the incisions are closed with absorbable sutures.

Smoothing orange peel skin and regaining exceptional skin quality

Gentle liposuction is used to erase cellulite by the smoothing technique which makes it possible to weaken and redistribute the fatty deposits responsible for the appearance of cellulite using fine cannulae and through "cross fan" movements.

Correcting the imperfections of previous liposuction

The surgeon combines both gentle liposuction and fat reinjection by lipofilling to correct all the irregular aspects of the skin such as waves, a corrugated sheet appearance, asymmetry, small holes, etc.

After the procedure

The patient may return to work on the day after gentle liposuction without experiencing any specific discomfort. To ensure proper maintenance of the skin, the patient must wear compression pants for two weeks.

The postoperative pain is minor. There is a bit of oedema for one week. Slight bruising appears when the pants are removed, but the bruising is generally not significant.

The patient is allowed to play sports again after one week.


The results of gentle liposuction are permanent because the fat removed will never reform in the areas that have been treated. It is visible directly after the procedure and improves further after the oedema has completely disappeared. The skin will take a month to completely retract onto the new curves of the figure.

Gentle liposuction prices

Intervention   Prices including VAT*   Anaesthetic   Stay
1 area  
  • Double chin: €1,500
  • Jowls: €1,500
  • Arms: €2,000
  • Hips (love handles): €2,200
  • Stomach: €2,200
  • Crease under the buttocks (banana roll): €1,800
  • Saddlebags: €2,200
  • Inner side of the thighs: €2,000
  • Knees: €1,500
  • Calves: €2,000
  • Ankles: €1,800
  Local   Outpatient
Multi-area packages  
  • Choice of 2 areas: €2,700
  • Choice of 3 areas: €3,200
  Local   Outpatient
Lipofilling (fat reinjection) combined with gentle liposuction  
  • Face (wrinkles, cheekbones, lips, etc.): an extra €600
  • Body (chest, buttocks): an extra €900
  Local   Outpatient


Other fees   Prices including VAT*
Consultation with the surgeon   €50
Compression pants   €150

* 20% VAT

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