A gynaecomastia operation reduces the size of the male mammary gland in case of excessive development. It is the ideal solution for anyone who, often since adolescence, has experienced deep psychological discomfort or even a real complex because of the presence of small visible breasts.


Gynaecomastia is manifested by breast hypotrophy. The mammary gland is dense and its development is concentrated around the areola. It is often combined with excess fat. It may be symmetrical or asymmetrical, unilateral or bilateral.


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Excessive development of the mammary gland

It is caused by a hormonal imbalance. The mammary glands is hard to the touch and its palpation is often painful.

The surgeon first looks for the cause of the gynaecomastia. To this end, he prescribes an endocrine assessment, which is usually supplemented by an ultrasound and mammography. Depending on the diagnosis, he recommends drug treatment, hormonal treatment or a surgical reduction of the mammary gland.

The possible causes are very diverse.

An unbalanced oestrogen / testosterone ratio during puberty or the andropause :

  • Some adolescents develop an increased sensitivity of the mammary gland due to higher secretion of oestrogen, while the testosterone level is still low. This glandular boost disappears spontaneously in the majority of cases. If it persists, an intervention is recommended at the end of puberty.
  • As they age, men see a natural decline in testosterone production which leads to small breasts appearing.

Certain illnesses such as kidney diseases, thyroid diseases, cirrhosis of the liver, etc.

Taking medications containing oestrogen, certain neuroleptic drugs, amphetamines, etc.

Taking illegal drugs such as cannabis, heroin, methadone, amphetamines, anabolic steroids, etc.

Surplus fat

It is caused by being overweight and is characterised by an accumulation of subcutaneous fat which is present in the whole breast. The fat is soft or gelatinous to the touch and the palpation is painless. In this case, a small amount of liposuction is enough.

Mixed gynaecomastia

In the majority of cases, the glandular hypertrophy is associated with excess fat. The operation then combines lipoaspiration and the removal of the mammary gland in the same surgical procedure.

What will I look like after gynaecomastia ? Ask your surgeon for a 3D simulation

How the procedure works

The gynaecomastia operation is carried out without hospitalisation under general anaesthetic and lasts about one hour.

It consists of several stages :

Lipoaspiration of the fat

The surgeon inserts a thin cannula through two small incisions of three to four millimetres, one hidden under the armpit and the other located at the fold beneath the breast, and removes the excess fat.

Mammary gland reduction

The surgeon removes the mammary gland through a semicircle incision around the lower half of each areola. A very thin scar will remain.

Restoring the tension of the loose skin

In case of significant excess skin, and if the skin is of poor quality, with a low retraction potential, the surgeon removes a segment of skin to redrape the thorax. He extends the incision above the areola and the scar will be of variable length depending on the extent of the sagging skin.

The surgeon then carries out the sutures by using absorbable sutures.

After the procedure

It is not very painful. The patient wears a contention bolero for three weeks to avoid bruising and limit the swelling.

The oedema and bruising will gradually subside after two weeks. From the third day, the patient can return to activities that do not require any physical effort. The patient can play sports again after three weeks.

Very rarely, there may be temporary numbness of the nipples.


The result is immediately visible. The mammary gland returns to its normal appearance of a simple nipple and the fat is removed. The final result appears within several weeks of the oedema resorption and the retraction of the excess skin. The breast seamlessly conforms to the pectoral muscle. The man regains a more manly chest and can once again go shirtless or wear tight T-shirts with confidence.

Gynaecomastia prices

Intervention Anaesthetic Stay Prices including VAT*
Gynaecomastia General Outpatient €3000 to €4000

Other fees Prices including VAT*
Consultation with the surgeon €50
Consultation with the anaesthetist €100
Compression stockings €50

* 20% VAT

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