Hymenoplasty is an procedure which allows women to regain an intact hymen before marriage or rebuild psychologically after an unhappy experience.


The hymen is the membrane that separates the vagina and the vulva which breaks during the first sexual intercourse. The hymen is more or less elastic depending on the woman. Some women are born without a hymen, in others, it is broken by horse riding, cycling, gymnastics, or even by inserting a tampon. On the other hand, some women give birth with their hymen still virtually intact. The hymen is therefore very weak evidence of female virginity.

Hymenoplasty is not always carried out to prepare for a wedding. Sometimes, after a rape, women use this operation to erase the trauma and regain their physical integrity. Other women also see a reconstruction of the hymen as a way to turn the page after a relationship which has ended.


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How the procedure works

The hymenoplasty operation is carried out without hospitalisation under local anaesthetic and lasts about half an hour.

The surgeon uses the sequelae of the torn hymen by making an incision in the middle part and bringing them together. If the remains of the hymen are not sufficient, he takes a sample from the surrounding mucous membrane to rebuild a solid membrane. He then sutures with an absorbable suture which disappears after ten to fifteen days. The scar, which is hidden in the folds of the hymen, is completely invisible.

After the procedure

The patient feels very mild pain and can return to work the next day. In order to allow proper healing, she must avoid physical activities, saunas and swimming pools for one month.


The results of the hymenoplasty are immediate and last until the next sexual intercourse. It is undetectable, even in the event of a gynaecological examination before a wedding.

Blood loss is not systematic when the hymen ruptures. However, even if there is no bleeding, the man will feel resistance at the moment of penetration. To increase the probability of bleeding before a marriage, some women do not hesitate to have surgery a week before the wedding, so that the unhealed wound causes bleeding on the bed sheets.

Hymenoplasty prices

Intervention Anaesthetic Stay Prices including VAT*
Hymenoplasty Local Outpatient €2,500

Other fees Prices including VAT*
Consultation with the surgeon €50

* 20% VAT

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