Intimate surgery

Intimate surgery has become increasingly popular over the past fifteen years. It is aimed both at men and women who are complexed by the appearance of their genitals. The operating techniques have steadily increased in efficiency and accuracy and are now well mastered by cosmetic surgeons.

Intimate surgery in men

It mainly solves penis size problems, but also the appearance of the scrotum.


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  • Lengthening

  • Thickening

  • Scrotum

Penis lengthening

Lengthening phalloplasty consists of a partial section of a membrane (the suspensory ligament) connecting the penis to the pubis, combined with skin plasty.

About 2.7 cm in length is gained.

The result is only visible when the penis is flaccid. The surgical procedure does not alter the length of the corpora cavernosa which cause the erection.

Penis thickening

Two techniques are possible :

Either lipofilling : Fat is removed to be reinjected into the penis. The gain is 2.6 cm in circumference.

Or penoplasty through a hyaluronic acid injection : The volumising product is injected directly beneath the skin using. There is a thickening of the circumference of the penis of two to three centimetres.

The result is visible when the penis is both flaccid and erect.

Testicle lift surgery

The scrotum is the bag of skin containing the testicles. It is naturally elastic and can be overly distended in some men, causing aesthetic and functional difficulties related to drooping testicles.

A scrotal lift must then be performed in order to reduce the excess skin and lift the testicles.

This procedure mainly concerns men who are at least fifty years old.

Intimate surgery in women

It aims to reshape the size of the labia, strengthen the perineum or restore the hymen.

  • Labia

  • Perineum Muscles

  • Hymen


Nymphoplasty reduces the size of the labia minora or labia majora when they are too thick due to excess fat or skin.

It is also possible to inflate them to give them volume when the lips are too small or non-existent.

Strengthening the perineum

Vaginoplasty aims to strengthen the tissues of the pelvic floor muscle and narrow the vaginal opening.

This procedure results in a sexual improvement and also eliminates incontinence problems. There is also a visual improvement of the vulva.

Reconstruction of the hymen

Hymenoplasty restores the hymen. This operation is mostly carried out for cultural reasons before a wedding, but also to erase the trauma after a rape, or as a way to turn the page after a relationship.

Intimate surgery prices

Intervention Anaesthetic Stay Prices including VAT*
Phalloplasty (Lengthening and Thickening) General 1 night €5,500
Penoplasty (hyaluronic acid injections) Local Outpatient €2,500 to €4,500
Nymphoplasty Local Outpatient €2,500 to €2,700
Vaginoplasty General Outpatient €5,000 to €5,800
Hyménoplasty Local Outpatient €2,500

Other fees Prices including VAT*
Consultation with the surgeon €50
Consultation with the anaesthetist €100
Compression stockings €50

* 20% VAT


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