Lifting corrects sagging facial and body skin. The surgeon takes off the skin and then retightens it with a reduction in the excess skin.

Causes of sagging skin

The skin can loosen, largely because of natural ageing, but also because of body changes following a pregnancy or significant weight loss. Indeed, the skin is an elastic organ that has the property of being capable of stretching and shrinking at will.

Drooping skin caused by age

The collagen and elastin which ensure the renewal of the skin cells weaken over time. The dermis becomes thinner and the skin loses its elasticity and becomes less firm. The loosening is muscular at first, then cutaneous, resulting in excess skin and downward sagging due to gravity.

Loose skin after pregnancy

Although women may be able to return to their normal weight a few months after giving birth, their bodies certainly change. Stretched for nine months and then contracted after the birth, the skin gradually regains its firmness, but traces of loose skin may still remain, especially in the chest and stomach areas. The breasts lose firmness and the size variations sustained during pregnancy leave sequelae, especially if the woman has breastfed. Just like the breasts, the firmness of the stomach is altered by pregnancy. The skin is looser and it is hard to regain a stomach that is as flat as it was before the pregnancy.

Excess skin after significant weight loss

When there is excess weight, the skin stretches to adjust to the new body shape. When people lose weight, the opposite occurs and the skin surface shrinks. When the amount of weight lost is considerable, there may be excess skin all round the body.

When the amount of surplus skin is significant, the only solution is to perform a lift. If there is excess fat, liposuction must be carried out before proceeding to the lift itself.

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Face and neck lifting

Facelifts usually treat the face as a whole. A neck lift on its own is rare, because they are most often combined with a facelift. Droopy eyelids can be treated separately from the rest of the face.

Cervicofacial lift

Face and neck lifting enable patients to rejuvenate with a natural effect. The purpose of the procedure is to restore the face's various anatomical structures (skin, muscles).

Mini facelift : This type of facelift is suitable for people who have early loosening of the facial contours and the neck. The recovery is faster than that of a conventional facelift.

Full face and neck lift : The surgeon treats the whole face (forehead, temples and eyebrows, cheeks, jowls, contours) and neck.

Depending on the extent of the sagging skin, there is :

Subcutaneous lift : It only treats the skin and has no deep action. This lift is mainly recommended for people who have a very significant amount of excess skin.

Sub-muscular lift : It retightens the layer of muscle and the skin.

Eyelid lift

An eyelid lift corrects drooping skin when the upper eyelids begin to show signs of weakness and hang over the eye, forming something that looks like a small cap, with a drooping eyebrow tail.

Sagging skin also affects the lower eyelid, but in less a pronounced way.

Breast lifting

Breast lift surgery firms chests which are characterised by distension of the skin supporting the breast and is associated with a melting of the glands and fat which varies depending on the woman.

It breast lifts are commonly combined with other chest procedures :

With age, the mammary gland decreases in volume and the skin loosens. In the latter case breast implants are usually combined with a breast lift.

When sagging of the breasts is caused by breasts which are too large, the mammary gland is reduced in addition to lifting the breasts.

Body lifting

It is possible to remove surplus skin from a specific area of the body or from all over the body. This is known as a body lift.

Arm lift surgery

Arm lift surgery retightens the skin of the inner arms.

When a woman reaches the age of about forty, the skin of the arms tends to loosen. It becomes soft and flaccid. This sagging becomes more pronounced after significant weight loss. Very often, the main reason for a procedure is for the person to be able to bare their arms without having a complex.

Thigh lift surgery

Thigh lift surgery removes surplus skin from the upper part of the inside of the thighs.

Sagging of the skin of the thighs is caused by either natural ageing or significant weight loss. The surgeon takes account of the morphology of the thighs, particularly the importance of the excess fat, the quality of the skin and the muscle tone.

Tummy tuck

A tummy tuck removes the excess skin that falls as an unsightly crease, sometimes across the pubis, right up to the thighs.

Sagging skin (of the abdominal apron) may be associated with excess fat or a separation of the abdominal muscles and be of congenital origin or caused by a caesarean section. Secondarily, tummy tucks can also be used treat many stretch marks and even scars.

Buttock lift

A buttock lift removes excess skin and eliminates fat to improve the contours of the waist, hips and buttocks.

The buttocks may sag because of ageing, after childbirth or due to weight loss. This sagging of the muscles and the underlying adipose tissue negates the rounded appearance of the buttocks. This results in a lack of volume in the upper part of the buttocks, as well as excess volume in the lower part of the buttocks.

Lift prices

Intervention Anaesthetic Stay Prices Including VAT*
Cervicofacial lift General 1 night €5,500 to €10,000
Neck lifting (alone) General 1 night €3,900 to €4,500
Forehead lift General 1 night €3,500 to €4,500
Temporal lift General 1 night €3,500
Eyelid lift Local/General Outpatient €1,800 to €2,800
Breast lift surgery General 1 night €5,000 to €6,000
Arm lift surgery General 1 night €4,500 to €6,500
Thigh lift surgery General 1 night €4,500 to €6,500
Tummy tuck General 1 to 2 nights €5,500 to €8,000


Other fees Prices including VAT*
Consultation with the surgeon €50
Consultation with the anaesthetist €100
Compression stockings €50

* 20% VAT

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