Arm lift surgery

Arm lift surgery removes excess skin from the inner arms. This lifting treatment helps to strengthen and tone all of the upper arms.


Brachioplasty improves skin sagging in the inner arms. This area is particularly fragile, especially in women. From the forties, the skin tends to loosen and wrinkle. This sagging becomes more pronounced after significant weight loss. In extreme cases, in addition to the obvious unattractive appearance, the distension of the skin causes difficulty in getting dressed, moving, etc.

Very often, the main reason for arm lift surgery is for the person to be able to bare their arms without having a complex. The person who considering is brachioplasty therefore has every interest in doing it when the skin is slightly loosened, so that the scars are as discreet as possible and the aesthetic benefit is certain.

However, people who wish to remedy a significant amount of excess skin should be aware that there will be a visible scar along the entire arm up to the elbow, even if it is very thin.

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How the procedure works

Arm lift surgery is done under general anaesthetic, with one night in hospital and lasts about two hours.

The procedure takes place over two stages :

Sucking out the fat

All the excess fat in the arm circumference is sucked out. Only the excess skin which has not retracted after the liposuction of the arms is then removed.

Removing the excess skin

There are three incision techniques depending on the importance of the sagging skin.

  • Moderate excess skin: There is a horizontal scar which is hidden in the fold of the armpit.
  • Average excess skin: There is a T-shaped scar, both horizontal in the fold of the armpit and vertical, barely a few centimetres long down the arm.
  • Significant excess skin: There is a vertical scar along the inside of the arm which may even, in some cases, extend beyond the elbow.

At the end of the procedure, the surgeon sutures then applies a dressing.

After the procedure

The patient does not feel much pain after arm lift surgery. The pain is limited to feelings of tightness and throbbing during the first days. The bruising and oedema usually disappear after two to three weeks. The first dressing is removed after one day, then it is changed regularly until the ablation of the sutures after two weeks. In some cases, the patient may notice reduced sensitivity in the inner arms for a few months. The patient can return to work after seven to ten days and play sports again after two months.


The results of the arm lift surgery are visible immediately and become final after three months. The aesthetic appearance is significantly improved. The particularly unpleasant feeling of sloshing skin is no more.

Meanwhile, the healing process lasts for at least one year before coming to its end.

Arm lift surgery prices

Intervention Anaesthetic Stay Prices including VAT*
Arm lift surgery General 1 night €4,500 to €6,500

Other fees Prices including VAT*
Consultation with the surgeon €50
Consultation with the anaesthetist €100
Compression stockings €50

* 20% VAT

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