Breast lift surgery

Breast lift surgery corrects drooping breasts when they start to droop because of sagging skin. This type of lifting fills the void of the neckline and restores the firmness of the breasts.


A breast lift is recommended when there is breast ptosis, that is to say, sagging of the breasts characterised by distension of the skin supporting the breasts. There may also be a melting of the glands and fat, which varies depending on the woman.


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The breasts become loose with age, but in younger women, this is more often than not caused by significant weight loss or after a pregnancy (with or without breastfeeding). When the chest has been emptied, the surgeon does not simply perform a breast lift, he carries out a breast enlargement at the same time.

The volume of the breast, and therefore its weight, is also responsible for a certain amount of ptosis, which can coexist with hypertrophy. That is why during a breast reduction, in addition to reducing the gland, the surgeon also performs a breast lift in order to retighten the skin of the breasts.

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How the procedure works

The breast reconstruction procedure is done under general anaesthetic and can last between two and three hours. The patient is hospitalised for one night.

A surgeon first puts the areola and nipple in the correct position, then he removes the excess skin to get a nice curve. Redraping the skin around the newly positioned mammary gland is the source of the incisions which will leave scars.

Moderate sagging of the breasts

The length of the incisions can be reduced. There are 2 scars (in the shape of an inverted T):

  • A round one around the areola, which can be shortened or even removed in some cases.
  • A verticle one under the areola, between the bottom of the areola and the fold under the breast.

Significant sagging of the breasts

It is in this case that the breast lift surgery scars are the longest. There are 3 scars (in the shape of an anchor):

  • A round one around the areola.
  • A verticle one between the bottom of the areola and the fold under the breast.
  • A horizontal more or less rounded one under the inframammary crease.

During a breast reconstruction, most of the surgeon's work involves making the best sutures possible, with the shortest possible incisions. In any case, the scars will be hidden in the bra and the horizontal scar will also be partly hidden by the breast itself when standing.

At the end of the procedure, the practitioner lays a compressive bandage which will be replaced by a holding bandage when the patient leaves the clinic or directly by a suitable bra.

After the procedure

It is usually not very painful. Mild painkillers are prescribed and the bruising observed, as well as potential oedema, soon disappear. The patient must wear a support bra day and night for one month. If they are non-absorbable, the sutures and continuous sutures are removed after two weeks. One week of rest is recommended and it is advisable to refrain from playing sports for one month.

Breast lift surgery may be performed starting from the end of growth and beyond, throughout the lifetime. A subsequent pregnancy is of course possible, as well as breastfeeding, but it is advisable to wait for at least six months after the procedure.


The results of breast lift surgery are immediately visible. The shape of the breasts is more rounded, the breasts are firmed up and positioned higher in a symmetrical way. The lift is truly final after one year, when the scars have faded gradually to become thin white lines which are virtually undetectable.

Breast lift surgery prices

Intervention Anaesthetic Stay Prices including VAT*
Breast lift surgery General 1 night €5,000 to €6,000
Breast reconstruction + Insertion of breast implants General 1 night €5,500 to €7,500

Other fees Prices including VAT*
Consultation with the surgeon €50
Consultation with the anaesthetist €100
Compression stockings €50
Compression bra €100

* 20% VAT

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