Beard transplants

Beard transplants develop hair growth in men who have no beard or change the shape of beards where necessary.


A beard implant may be considered whenever the beard hair is not sufficiently developed, the beard is too low or there are holes in the beard hair. In addition to the current effect of fashion, a full beard helps men to look more mature and manly. A beard transplant also helps to hide imperfections such as scars or harmonise the features of the lower face.


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How the procedure works

The beard implant procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic as an outpatient and can last between two to three hours.

The technique used is that of scarless Fue. The surgeon removes very fine hairs from the top of the neck one by one. The implanted hairs and beard hairs are very similar and behave in the same way in terms of the speed of regrowth.

The practitioner draws the design of the beard the patient wants beforehand, then the implementation is carried out with a needle by lifting the beard up when it is too low, or by filling the holes. The implantation must consider the direction and the space between the hairs so as to reconstruct an attractive beard which takes account of the shape of the face.

It takes on average between 200 to 400 grafts to rebuild a full beard.

After the procedure

Slight swelling may appear on the cheeks one to two days after the beard transplant. The patient may also experience some itching and redness. Small scabs form on the grafts. The implanted grafts will drop off with the scabs after five to seven days. The final hairs will grow from the third month.


The results of the beard transplant are visible from six months and become final after one year. The beard hairs are denser and better distributed, their design is regular and fits your face. According to your mood, you can change your look by altering the length or shape of the beard.

The hairs also have a protective effect. They guard against sunburn, thus preventing the facial skin from premature ageing.

Beard transplant prices

Consultation with the surgeon: €50.

Technique Prices including VAT*
Beard transplant From 3,000€

* 20% VAT

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