Eyebrow implants

Eyebrow transplants densify hair growth at the eyebrows to make them thicker or recreate them if they have completely disappeared.


Eyebrow transplants are suitable for people who suffer from scarcity or even complete loss of hair at the eyebrow ridge and who want to have thick and natural eyebrows framing the face.

For women who do not want permanent makeup, eyebrow implants are the ideal solution as they can permanently restore the relief and density of real hair to the eyebrows.


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How the procedure works

The eyebrow transplant procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic as an outpatient and can last between 1 hour 30 mins to three hours.

The technique used is that of scarless Fue. The surgeon removes very fine hairs from the top of the neck one by one.

The implantation is carried out with a needle, by respecting the original shape of the eyebrows and the distribution and direction of the hairs. The incision must be very tangential in order to respect the direction of the regrowth of the eyebrows and obtain a natural result.

It takes on average between 150 to 300 grafts to completely rebuild the eyebrows.

After the procedure

Oedema may occur for one or two days after the eyebrow transplant. It then migrates toward the eyelids, giving them a swollen appearance that will disappear after three to four days. There is also a small amount of bruising which will disappear after eight to fifteen days. It is not uncommon for the patient to experience some itching and have redness during the first few days.

Small scabs which take five to seven days to drop off, form on the grafts. The implanted grafts will drop off with the scabs. The final hairs will grow from the third month.


The results of the eyebrow implant are visible from six months and become final after one year. The new eyebrow line makes the face more symmetrical and harmonious. Since the implanted hair is hair and behaves as such, it should be cut about every two to four weeks with scissors.

Eyebrow transplant prices

Consultation with the surgeon: €50.

Technique Prices including VAT*
Eyebrow implant €1,500 to €3,000

* 20% VAT

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