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Kinésithérapie manuelle, kinésithérapie esthétique et bien-être

With his team of qualified therapists, Gil Amsallem takes inspiration from massage techniques from all around the world and invents melodies, rhythms and new harmonies according to the needs of each person.

The sources of inspiration are endless: Californian, Thai, Swedish, Indian and Balinese massages, reflexology, lymphatic drainage, etc.





Wellness massages

Relaxing massage

Californian massages are perfectly suited to relax the body and calm the mind. The dominant manoeuvres are superficial and deep gliding, stretching, a little modeling combined with pressure techniques to disperse and dissolve areas of muscle tension.

Made with warm oils, this massage acts on the nervous impulse, it provides a sensation of well-being and an immediate change in state.

Suitable for :

  • Looking to relax
  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Energy rebalancing
  • Sleep disorders
  • Physical recovery

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Energising massage

Based on the principles of energy circulation into the meridians, the energising massage is organised into subtle technical combinations: the pressures and stretching exercises are borrowed from Shiatsu and Chinese massages, Swedish massage modeling, to free the muscles from tension and contractures but especially to firmly stimulate them.

The pressure is repetitive and adjusted on the reflex points to clear the paths of energy circulation, calm turbulent impulses and renew momentum in the circuits. It can be very deep. Stretching exercises have goals of opening the corridors where energy circulates, in addition to loosening the joints and muscles.

Suitable for :

  • Lack of energy
  • Sleep disorders
  • Revitalization
  • Energy rebalancing
  • Physical preparation and recuperation
  • Looking to relax or gain energy

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Draining & slimming massage

The draining and slimming massage is effective for the detoxification of the body and, through specific stimulation of the lymphatic system, it is also effective for treating cellulite and circulatory disorders.

The manual palpate and roller helps to thin and soften the skin, and free it from its micro adhesions. Modeling is to firm the muscles and give relief to the figure. The intermingling of liquid by pumping and the gliding and skin peeling manoeuvres make it possible to activate the blood and lymphatic feeder streams and accelerates the elimination of cellular waste and toxins.

This message is also very relaxing.

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Reshaping massage

This model massages and firms the muscles and sculpts the figure. It makes it possible to thin the skin and release it from its adherences.

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Cranial massage and facial massage

Regardless of whether or not the skin is young or mature, dry or oily, sensitive or reactive, stimulation of the reflex zones of the face and cranium directly affect the physiology of the skin and the nervous, lymphatic, circulatory and muscular systems.

A cranial massage is a powerful nervous regulator.

Due to their outstanding performance, manual therapy and osteopathy adapted to facial and cranial treatments allow for an effective response to functional disorders related to stress, the effects of time, age and fatigue, providing immediate regulating and repairing benefits.

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Special back massage

Derived from manual therapies, massages and functional osteopathy, through specific manoeuvres that soothe, give flexibility to the muscles and vitality to the spine, shoulders and pelvis, this massage responds well for anyone who is looking for relief from neck and back pain.

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Foot reflexology

Foot reflexology is a good way to help the body to regain its balance and maintain and develop an optimum state of health. It helps to fight against functional disorders, improves the sleep, intestinal transit, dispels fatigue, relieves migraines and dispels the effects of stress.

This is also a technique which calms and relieves back pain, PMS, eliminates excess toxins and boosts the body's defences.

It stimulates all of the body's physiological systems (lymphatic, glandular, digestive, venous and arterial, nervous, respiratory, muscular and articular) in an effective way through massage and pressure.

Finally, reflexology is one of the wellbeing, relaxation and comfort techniques.

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Prices (60 minutes) Prices (90 minutes)
  • 1 session: €110
  • 3 session package: €300
  • 5 session package: €490
  • 8 session package: €770
  • 1 session: €160
  • 3 session package: €420
  • 5 session package: €680
  • 8 session package: €1000

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