Chinese medicine

Chinese medicine

Chinese medicine aims to restore a person to a state of health by rebalancing their own energy and relationships with their natural, family and social environment. There is comprehensive care of the person.







The principle of Chinese medicine

Chinese medicine analyses the symptoms of patients by directly observing the shape and colour of the face, eyes, etc., by taking the pulse on each wrist to get an idea of the vitality of each of the body's organs and by examining the tongue to highlight possible disruptions of vital energy.

Once this assessment has been carried out the practitioner develops a treatment to restore the normal function of this vital energy through acupuncture, pharmacopoeia, massages and even physical exercises (Tao Yin, Qi Gong).

  • Acupuncture acts on the vital energy through implanting and manipulating fine needles in various points of the body with special properties, located on the force lines, which are known as meridians and in relation to each of the body's organs.
  • Pharmacopoeia uses vegetable (90%), mineral (5%) and animal (5%) substances in combinations which rule out side effects and can be used in the form of infusions, pills, ointments or plasters.
  • Massages can be practised on a basis similar to that of acupuncture, with massage points but also meridians and/or areas of the body.
  • Physical exercises, such as Tao Yin and Qi Gong, are used to activate the organic functions by increasing vital energy and circulating it better. They help to soften all of the joints and skin.

Applying Chinese medicine in cosmetic surgery

All of the Chinese medicine practices can be applied in cosmetic medicine and cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic medicine Cosmetic surgery
  • Sagging skin.
  • Treatment of wrinkles.
  • Treatment of mild to moderate cellulite.
  • Treatment of skin blemishes.
  • Dark circles.
  • Reduction of the pain caused by injecting products.
  • Treatment of stress before and after an operation.
  • Prevention of sleep disorders before and after an operation.
  • Acceleration of healing.
  • Acceleration of the disappearance of bruising.
  • Acceleration of the recovery of local sensitivity.
  • Easing nausea and vomiting.
  • Protection against drug side effects.


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