Codage Paris: singular formulas for the needs of every skin

CODAGE Paris is a contemporary French cosmetology house whose expertise is based on the belief that the secret to beauty involves nourishing the skin wisely.

The CODAGE house, Paris

The expertise of CODAGE, which has inherited the French pharmaceutical tradition, is based on decoding individual beauty problems, a perfect knowledge of the properties of the active ingredients used and the accuracy of their dosage. Each CODAGE formula is therefore a "code" designed to target the specific and individual needs of men and women, regardless of their skin type.

The Research & Development team at the CODAGE Laboratory is constantly working to improve the effectiveness of its serums and treatments, for ever more innovative formulas which are made without parabens, allergens or essential oils.


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The excellence of CODAGE serums

Serum is a fluid containing active ingredients that spread into the deeper layers of the skin to nourish the cells. CODAGE unearths the most innovative ingredients with systematically certified effectiveness, and assembles them with finesse and accuracy in order to design high-performance serums. These serums are formulated to meet targeted needs (dehydration, oily skin, age spots, dark circles, etc.); their absorption capacity, which is faster than that of a moisturiser cream, gives immediate results and leaves a delicate fragrance on the skin.

my CODAGE = bespoke serums

Because the needs of our skin change from day to day depending on our lifestyle and the seasons, CODAGE helps men and women to select their ideal formula by using a precise diagnosis made by different specialists (dermatologist, pharmacist, nutritionist). Your "all-in-one" and bespoke serum is prepared in the laboratory with its unique formula and is delivered to your home in a bottled marked with your initials.

Prices: The price range for bespoke serums varies from between €25 and €300 depending on the number of ingredients.

The Codage ready-to-use serum collection

CODAGE has typeset the skin's priorities and formulated high performance serums which act on all skin problems in a targeted way. The serums can be combined together for a customised action.

  • Face anti-ageing

  • Eyes anti-ageing

  • Taking care of the skin

  • Reduce blemishes

Codage anti-ageing serums

A combination of anti-ageing active ingredients to boost the cellular metabolism.

Preventing and correcting signs of skin ageing in adult skin

Serum 5 Codage


Serum 5 brings together innovative active ingredients to stimulate the cellular metabolism and boost the synthesis of the main components of the epidermal matrix. A synergy of moisturising and antioxidant agents for more comfort, flexibility and increased protection of the natural skin's defences. A selection of anti-ageing active ingredients to prevent and correct expression lines and deep wrinkles from within. Lifting agents to maintain and restructure the facial contours.

Treat all the effects of skin aging

Serum 6 Codage

Supreme anti-ageing

Serum 6 is an ultimate concentration of anti-ageing technology. Its unique formula contains the latest innovations from cosmetology research to protect and reactivate the metabolism of the skin cells. A synergy of moisturising and antioxidant agents for more comfort, flexibility and increased protection of the natural skin's defences. A selection of anti-ageing active ingredients and plant stem cells to correct expression wrinkles, deep wrinkles and for a firmer skin which is repaired and densified from within. A concentration of anti-stain active ingredients and lifting agents to lighten, standardise and restore the skin's natural glow.

Codage serums for around the eyes

A formula specially designed to treat the fragile area around the eyes.

Erasing signs of fatigue and correcting the early signs of ageing

Serum 10 Codage

Energy & anti-ageing

Serum 10 is an alloy of moisturising, antioxidant and anti-wrinkle active ingredients to prevent and correct the appearance of fine lines and expression wrinkles. Detoxifying and energising agents stimulate the cellular metabolism to optimise the natural mechanisms of skin regeneration. A maximum amount of concealer and anti-puffiness active ingredients to make skin fatigue marks fade and restore clarity to the look.

Erasing signs of fatigue and correcting the most obvious signs of ageing

Serum 11 Codage

Supreme anti-ageing

Serum 11 is a powerful arsenal of anti-ageing active ingredients (anti-wrinkle, firmness, immediate lifting) combined with moisturisers and antioxidants which acts dramatically on the advanced signs of ageing. A maximum amount of anti-stain, concealer and anti-puffiness active ingredients to make skin fatigue marks fade and restore brightness to the look.

Codage serums for taking care of the skin

A synergy of hydrating and detoxifying ingredients to regain beautiful skin.

Care and comfort for dry skin

Serum 1 Codage

Intense facial hydration

Serum 1 is a particularly rich composition to deeply nourish your skin and give it strength, softness and elasticity. A combination of moisturising active ingredients and hyaluronic acids of different molecular weights acting in synergy through the skin membrane in order to retain water, boost its natural irrigation system, protect the outer layer from various attacks and immediately and permanently boost the skin with water. Soothing and antioxidant active ingredients to prevent skin redness and sensitivity, strengthen the skin's natural defences and improve its integrity.

Oily skin which is prone to blemishes and acne

Serum 2 Codage

Face mattifying and repairing

Serum 2 is an assortment of 12 active ingredients to soothe, shine and repair damaged skin. A synergy of detoxifying, sebum-regulating and anti-acne agents for skin which is matified, soft to the touch and free of imperfections.

A maximum amount of repairing active ingredients to rebuild skin connections, make redness fade and even out the skin tone.

Erase all traces of skin fatigue as well as the early signs of ageing

Serum 3 Codage

Radiance & energy

Serum 3 is an ultra-concentrated active nutrition formula.

A true elixir of cellular energy, it is a synergy of moisturising, energising and detoxifying ingredients for healthy skin which is radiant with beauty.

A concentration of antioxidant and anti-ageing active ingredients to prevent and reduce early wrinkles.

Treating skin that has been weakened following a cosmetic procedure (peeling, laser surgery, injection of fillers, etc.)

Serum Codage Skin Recovery

Skin Recovery serum

Skin Recovery concentrates a maximum amount of moisturising and repairing agents to recharge the skin with lipids, boost the regeneration of the components of its membrane and repair all of the damaged tissue faster. Soothing and anti-redness active ingredients to calm post-operative inflammation, restore the microcirculation of the skin and minimise oedema and rashes. Finally, a powerful regenerative complex consisting of detoxifying and anti-stain active ingredients deeply cleanses the skin and restores a uniform and luminous complexion to the tissue.

Codage serums to reduce blemishes and redness

Active concentrates to target pigmentation defects in the blood capillaries.

Reducing blemishes and other pigmentation defects

Serum 4 Codage

Anti-Blemish & brightening

Serum 4 is a concentration of 10 exclusive active ingredients to brighten, even skin tone, strengthen the skin's natural defences and prevent the appearance of new blemishes. A maximum amount of whitening, anti-stain and detoxifying active ingredients to make pigmentation defects fade and brighten, standardise and illuminate the complexion. Powerful antioxidant agents to strengthen the integrity of the epidermal barrier and the skin's natural defences.

Soothes sensitive skin and makes redness fade

Serum 7 Codage

Soothing and anti-redness

Serum 7 concentrates a maximum amount of soothing agents that relieve the hypersensitivity of reactive skin and strengthens its tolerance to inflammatory reactions. An associated complex of moisturising and repairing active ingredients also helps to strengthen the integrity and structure of the skin matrix in order to prevent inflammation phenomena. A maximum amount of anti-redness active ingredients strengthens the integrity and permeability of the blood capillaries to prevent and correct the appearance of skin rashes and other unsightly varicosities.

The seasonal serum collection

The seasons alter the energies that circulate in the heart of the skin and therefore play subtly on its balance and needs.

  • Spring

  • Summer

  • Autumn

  • Winter

Skin Repair & Recovery

Serum Codage Spring Break

Spring Break

The Spring Break serum gives skin the softness of a spring break to help it to repair the damage caused by the cold, eliminate toxins and prepare the skin cells to better understand the coming summer. Moisturising, antioxidant, anti-pollution and repairing agents to rebuild the skin matrix and its hydrolipidic film while strengthening its natural defences. Detoxifying and energising agents to instantly awaken the sparkle and look radiant again with the arrival of spring.

Summer Comfort & Protection

Serum Codage Summer Time

Summer Time

The Summer Time serum strengthens the skin's natural defences, which gives it an optimum level of comfort and protection while activating the tanning mechanisms for an even and extensive tan. A subtle blend of moisturising, matting and soothing agents to ensure that the skin has a maximum amount of softness and comfort. A selection of antioxidant and anti-pollution active ingredients to strengthen the natural defences of the skin. In particular, an innovative and patented active ingredient to stimulate the synthesis of heat shock proteins (HSP) and strengthen the skin's natural cellular defence system which is subject to intense heat. A tanning activator peptide to increase the synthesis of melanin during exposure to the sun.

Regenerating & Revitalising

Serum Codage Fall in Love

Fall in Love

The Fall in Love serum repairs the skin damage left by the summer and helps the skin to better prepare for the harshness of the coming winter. An alloy of moisturising, repairing, antioxidant and anti-pollution agents to rebuild the skin matrix and arm the defences needed to deal with climatic changes and the frantic pace of the start of the school year. A concentration of detoxifying and anti-stain active ingredients to deeply purify the skin, make pigmentation problems caused by the sun fade and even out skin tone. Powerful energising active ingredients for an even more radiant complexion and to recharge the skin with essential resources before the winter sets in.

Extreme Cold Hydration

Serum Codage Oh my Cold

Oh my Cold

The Oh My Cold serum protects, repairs and instantly replenishes the skin with lipids and water for maximum protection and long-lasting hydration. A combination of moisturising active ingredients and hyaluronic acids of different molecular weights acting in synergy through the skin membrane in order to retain water, boost its natural irrigation system and protect the outer layer from various attacks. A single active ingredient derived from the glaciers of Antarctica boosts the regeneration and healing of skin which has been damaged by the winter. A maximum number of soothing and repair agents improve its integrity while reducing its reactivity threshold. The skin is soft, strengthened and ready to face the harsh winter.

Ready-to-use CODAGE treatments

CODAGE's serum formulae are even more effective when they are rooted in a 3-stage ritual: the skin is prepared in advance to be more receptive to the application of serum and then protected following the protocol :

  • Masks

  • Creams

  • Cleansing

The skin should be cleaned morning and night every day. Thus rid of the excess oil and impurities, it is more receptive to the serums.


Codage Exfoliating cream

Exfoliating cream

This rich, soothing emulsion based on fine rice grain particles gives the face optimal exfoliation. It removes impurities and dead cells, while stimulating the epidermal tone and cell renewal. The complexion is smooth, consistent and glowing.

Codage Moisturising mask

Moisturising mask

This intense nutrition coat regenerates and nourishes dry skin which is lacking vitality. A complete nourishing treatment enriched many vegetable oils and waxes, it strengthens the hydrolipidic film and rebuilds the skin barrier. The skin is comfortable, soft to the touch and radiates brightness.

Codage Purifying mask

Purifying mask

This emulsion made from clay and bamboo powder has been specially formulated for combination to oily skin. A real intense purification coat, this mask deeply cleanses the skin to unclog the pores, remove impurities and absorb excess sebum. The skin is soft, comfortable and perfectly matified. The complexion, meanwhile, is clearer and radiates brightness.

Codage micro-peel mask

The micro-peel mask

A light emulsion consisting of AHA, BHA and fruit enzymes which, in just a few minutes and without any rubbing, unclogs the pores and removes impurities, blackheads, dead cells and other skin imperfections. This regenerating mask deeply stimulates cell renewal, reduces fine lines and makes blemishes and other pigmentation disorders fade. It has a guaranteed new skin effect and the complexion is consistent and radiant.

Day cream and night cream

When it is deeply nourished and fortified, the skin can receive a day or night cream. The surface layers of your skin are therefore protected against external attacks (pollution, sun) and maintain an optimal level of hydration.


Codage day cream

Protective, energising and antioxidant day cream

CODAGE Day is a thin and creamy emulsion, which has been specially formulated to protect the skin throughout the day. This treatment with multiple moisturising, antioxidant, anti-pollution, energising and anti-ageing properties provides comprehensive protection against dry skin and various daily attacks. A true anti-pollution filter, Codage Day is enriched with vitamins A, C, E and other active nutrients that protect and repair the DNA, awaken the skin and prevent wrinkles. The skin is perfectly protected and bursting with vitality.




Codage night cream

Nutritious, regenerating and detoxifying night cream

CODAGE Night is an emulsion with a rich texture specially formulated to act during the sleep, which is a key time for cell regeneration. A true concentrate of restorative nutrition, it activates the natural metabolism of the skin's purification and regeneration of dermal stem cells, incredibly stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin. When combined with the plumping power of hyaluronic acid, this exclusive treatment tightens the skin and smooths even the deepest wrinkles night after night. In the morning, the skin is smooth, perfectly moisturised and glows with brightness.




Anti-ageing, concealer and anti-puffiness cream for around the eyes

The AROUND THE EYES CREAM is a treatment designed specifically for the highly sensitive area around the eyes. A truly comprehensive multi-concealer, it lifts the look by filling in fine lines and the crow's feet wrinkles, drains pockets of water and erases unsightly dark circles. The skin is comfortable and soothed and the look is brighter.

Cleansing, detoxifying and hydrating care

The skin should be cleaned morning and evening every day, and exfoliated 1 to 2 times a week. When it is rid of excess oil, impurities and dead skin, the skin is more receptive to the treatments that will follow.


Codage eau micellaire

Purifying Micellar Water

It cleans, removes makeup, cleanses and moisturises the skin in a single action. Its high tolerance formula instantly and gently picks up all the impurities and traces of makeup on the face and sensitive areas such as around the eyes and lips. Rich in amino acids, this cleansing treatment hydrates and stimulates the skin's repair functions and natural defences. It cleanses the skin and helps to fight effectively against skin imperfections. A valuable alloy of marine plankton and Moringa seed peptides deeply purifies and detoxifies the skin while protecting it effectively against pollution. The skin is soft and purified.

Codage prices

Codage treatments Prices including VAT*
Serum 1 - Intense Hydration

10 mL : €26,50

30 mL : €69

Serum 2 - Mattifying & Repairing

10 mL : €26,50

30 mL : €69

Serum 3 - Radiance & Energy

10 mL : €30

30 mL : €79

Serum 4 - Anti-Blemish & Brightening

10 mL : €30

30 mL : €79

Serum 5 - Anti-aging

10 mL : €34

30 mL : €89

Serum 6 - Supreme Anti-aging

10 mL : €67

30 mL : €175

Serum 7 - Soothing & Anti-redness

10 mL : €34

30 mL : €89

Serum 10 - Energy around the eyes

5 mL : €33

15 mL : €89

Serum 11 - Anti-ageing around the eyes

5 mL : €44

15 mL : €119

Spring Break - Skin Repair & Recovery

10 mL : €36

30 mL : €95

Oh my Cold - Extreme Cold Hydration

10 mL : €34

30 mL : €89

Fall in Love - Regenerating & Revitalising

10 mL : €46

30 mL : €119

Summer Time - Summer Comfort and Protection

10 mL : €44

30 mL : €115

Skin Recovery - Ultimate Skin Repair

10 mL : €65

30 mL : €169

Exfoliating cream 50 ml : €39
Moisturising mask 50 mL : €45
Purifying mask 50 ml : €45
Micro-peel mask 50 mL : €65
Day Cream - Energising & Antioxidant 50 mL: €59
Night Cream - Regenerating & Detoxifying 50 mL : €79
Purifying Micellar Water - Detoxifying & Moisturising 200 mL : €25
1 Codage Facial treatment discovery session 30 minutes : €60

* 20% VAT

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