Integrall® "All in one Face"

Integrall® is a cosmetic treatment specially designed for men which contains Phyto-Androzyme®, the first molecule in the world with an anti-ageing preventive action on male skin.

Ageing of male skin

Men are becoming increasingly likely to want to take care of their skin. They have are lucky enough to have thick skin which ages later than that of women due to higher levels of testosterone. In men, the body's testosterone production peaks at around 30-35 years and then decreases by 1% to 2% per year.

This results in several consequences: Wrinkles form and deepen, the protective hydrolipidic film disappears and the skin begins to dry, the skin loosens, becomes sensitive, vulnerable to external attacks and goes a greyish colour.

Integrall® addresses the specific needs of men thanks to Phyto-Androzyme®, a molecule which counteracts the destruction of testosterone and preserves the skin's youthfulness.

Integrall® cosmetic care

Integrall® cosmetic care

Five actions on the skin in a single product :

  • Rejuvenates: smooths, tones, reduces wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles.
  • Moisturises: gives flexibility, eliminates tautness.
  • Stimulates: activates microcirculation, gives a healthy glow.
  • Regenerates: repairs microtraumas caused by shaving.
  • Soothes: reduces redness, calms razor burn, provides a fresh sensation.

The lotion has a fluid texture with a formula specially designed to be quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving a film of grease. Its use is simple and convenient with a spray emulsion which is applied directly onto the face.

Integrall® "All in one Face" prices

Care Prices including VAT*
Integrall® Face €220 (100 ml)

* 20% VAT

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