Permanent makeup

If you want to look as good the moment you get out of bed as you do the rest of the day, your eyebrow line does whatever it wants and you're tired of spending hours putting on makeup, then permanent makeup could be the solution for you.

In a single session only, you get a new line of eyebrows and permanent makeup which is both natural and discreet.


Permanent makeup is a treatment that is intended for :

  • Busy women.
  • Sporty women.
  • Visually impaired and elderly women.
  • Cancer patients who have received chemotherapy.

Permanent makeup is applied to correct :

  • Sparse or nonexistent eyebrows
  • Lips which are too thin

It is suitable for both light and coloured skins.


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How the session works

First we draw the line with a pencil.

Then we introduce the mineral pigments millimetre by millimetre.

The pigment is placed under the skin into the non-deep dermis using very fine, sterile and single-use needles. The pigments fade slowly and disappear gradually with the natural renewal of the skin.

As the permanent makeup technique is slightly painful, a contact or injection anaesthetic can be proposed for the patient's comfort.

Note that the procedure is carried out with an anaesthetic cream which ensures comfort for patients. The procedure takes about an hour.


Permanent makeup results are visible after 1 week and last for about 2 years.


Permanent makeup (or dermopigmentation) is a technique which involves implanting a pigment into the surface layer of the epidermis with a device that is similar to a tattoo machine, but which allows for a more accurate route. This treatment helps to structure the eyebrows (hair by hair or by shading), redefine the contours of the lips and add colour to the lips with a natural-coloured veil.

It is a lasting permanent makeup but it is not final.

It has a life expectancy in the skin of between 2 to 5 years (depending on your skin type)

Permanent makeup prices

Indications Prices including VAT*
Eyebrows €300 / session
Lip contours €340 / session
Mouth in 3D €460 / session
Moles €70 / session
Modification after 1 year €170 / session
Tattoo removal €170 / session

Consultation Prices including VAT*
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* 20% VAT

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